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I  had move some of the ajaxworkspace articles to This ease for navigation and centralize all the resources regarding AjaxWorkspace in one site. Do check out the ajaxworkspace updates on our new blog!

UI in AjaxWorkspace version 0.9.8

I have been busy for past few weeks with my works. Therefore, do not much time to update here. However, I manage to finish some improvements on 0.9.8. Here are some of them:

1. New UI design and able to switch from grid view and item view in project Discussion, Task, File Sharing and Documents.

Discussion View

Grid View
Grid View

Item View
Item View

2. Able to upload company logo and member’s photo.

Upload Logo

3. Display scorecard for each project to indicate project status.

Project Scorecard

We are planning to finalize the release version before August 2007 to public users. It is free until future notice. Hopefully it will benefit to people who need online collaboration tools!

“Unexpected Error occured” viewing calculations tab for SSAS project

The following error text occur in the rigth pane:

Unexpected error occured: ‘Error in application.’

When trying to view the calculations tab (of any cube, including the samples that comes with SQL Server 2005) in Visual Studio (BI Development Studio) . This may cause by different versions of msmdlocal.dll and msmgdsrv.dll in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ and %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\Ole DB\

If they are not the same, then try to update the ones in the PrivateAssemblies with the ones from ole db (Please backup the dlls just case…)