Response.WriteFile/TransmitFile fails when compress dynamic files turn on inIIS with SSL

I come across error file not available when download file via response.writefile or transmitfile in This error only happenned when you  site on SSL. IIS 6 compression help me speed up all my applications. But the problem occur when some of my aspx page using response.writefile to download file. I get error file not found.

So I have to turn off the specific aspx page do not use IIS compression in order to make my download works.  To configure that, it take me days to find out the solution. You can buy some 3rd party product to configure that. But that will not cheap. Here are the free ways to do it :)

1. First, to create a node for the page in the metabase in IIS manager. Right click on the file and go to properties. Make a change of some sort, apply, then change it back. Do an IISReset. This will create a IISWebFile node in MetaBase.xml

2. Try on this command “cscript C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts\adsutil.vbs set W3SVC/{siteID}/Root/{subfolder}/{page.aspx}/DoDynamicCompression False”

SiteID is a number represent your web application.

3. If you get error running this command, try to open MetaBase.xml and search the IISWebFile tag which represent “{subfolder}/{page.aspx}”. Then add in:


Then, do an IISReset.

That’s all folks. Hope can help someone having the same problem

ASP.NET AJAX very slow in IE 6

I built some web applications with ASP.NET ajax framework using few update panel. The response time in IE 6 was very slow. You do not know this problem while you access it in you local host. Once you put it to production or live hosting, its really slow like turtle. IE 7 will be much better, so far it seems 2x faster than IE6. Firefox is the best among these browser. It work extremely fast and estimated 4-5x faster than IE 6. This is a known issue exist within IE6 and ajax update panel. There is a need to fix this issue. But it seems not a 5 mins works. I may need to do a major change on my existing application… too bad..

ASP.NET “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” error

I came across this error:

“Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.”

This happen due to the application pool’s “IdleTimeout” set to a lower value compare to your session timeout value. Let say your session timeout set to 20 mins but your app pool idle time out set to 10 mins.  After 10 mins, app pool sshutdown the worker process. If you do not handle the session expire well, you may get this error. You have to either hanlde via the code or just set the Idle Timeout setting to a greater value compare to your session timeout value.

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Change color on MS SQL Reporting services charts/Pie

Since I am still new to SQL reporting services, I thought changing charts/pie color is impossible. The VS editor seems doesn’t have any more setting for me to do so. As you all know, the default palette color is very ugly. Luckily, I manage to found one article describe how to get more out of these limitations.

This document describes how to customize your charts/pie. Here is my before-after outcome:


It is not hard, just extra some codes. Do make it to make your client happier! Cheers!

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Setting MS reporting services page’s height in browser (HTML view)

I come across some problems setting the page height which render in web browser. The “Report Properties”-> “Page height” setting never works. It only works when you export the report to pdf or image file. So the report height in browser is never change. I found a stupid way, but it works. Do open the report.rdl file with notepad and change “<InteractiveHeight>11in</InteractiveHeight>” accordingly. By default it always set to 11 inc. I cannot find anywhere in the visual studio editor to change this. So, here is the solution for me. For those who know where to set it in visual studio editor, please feel free to comment and let me know. Thank you in advance!

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Business Scorecard Manager – Permission error

Do you ever get this error for normaly user when accessing your scorecard in sharepoint?

“There is a problem with this scorecard. Ensure that it and all dependant items have been published correctly and that you have adequate permissions to view them. If the problem still persists then please contact a system administrator.”

You do not have any problem when you are local administrator. You already set all the permission in your scorecard and datasource. But it still raising the error when you login as end user to view the scorecard. Since I am still new to BSM, it take me hours to solve to the problem. The trick is you must set the “global reader” permission to “NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users” in your BSM’s “Server Administration”->”Permission” setting. By default, it only set the local administrator’s rights.

Dotster VPS Hosting Review-Support no response!

Yes! Its happen to me. I wish to clarify that I am not from other hosting companies who wish to mess up their name. This is the true story happen to me.

Recently I was looking for window VPS hosting. After do some googling and visited some popular web hosting forum, I decided to choose dotster. There are neither the most expensive nor cheapest. Before I sign up, I did chat online with their sales staff to find more details on the plan (I choose plesk standard). There are friendly and helpful. At the end I decide to give a try.

Day 1 – Sign up run smoothly. After payment has been made, I receive a receipt email and another mail indicates my VPS is ready! It is fast! I manage to login to virtuozzo control panel and check all my allocated resources. Everything looks good! Then I try to login to plesk control panel with admin login. Too bad, it always prompt me invalid login! Try to recover through “Forget password” but no help! I immediate send a support request to their support team. After 2-3 hours still no reply, I guess there may be busy out there. So just give them another day. Meanwhile, I also found that my VPS window is 64bit version but with a 32 bit .net 2.0 framework installed. I have no idea how there do it. With virtuozzo, I guess, may be possible? I try to install MS ASP.NET Ajax 1.0 but get prompt to install .net 2.0 framework to continue. I guess window cannot find the 32bit .net 2.0 frameworks. Now the problem comes … I try to remove 32 bit .net 2.0 frameworks in the OS but failed and give me is not a valid version… and stop to uninstall it. Then, I try to install another 64 bit .net 2.0 framework. Too bad, the installation stops unexpectedly. What can I do now? Try to chat with online support. Guess what their reply? VPS support is not applicable to online chat support! Please send in support request or call us. Come on I am outside US. Call is not a good method for me. So I send another support request regarding these issues… besides I also asking is it possible to reinstall the VPS..

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BSM 2005 defaultmember in MS OLAP Cube

I am having  difficulties to set the dynamic defaultmember for a dimension. Eg. I got a time dimension which use in BSM. I want it to always get today’s date as the dimension member so that i can get the MTD data from my cube. But some how it didnt works. I did try on vba!date() function as found in google as well but no help. The BSM time intelligence member only work and display data if i hard code the defaultmember in cube. Setting manually time dimension in BSM also no help. Does anybody facing this problem before? Will appreciate if can point out the tricks…. =)

SSRS function references

Having difficulties to find help on reporting service’s functions like switch? You may not able to find any help on your local help. Go here to check on these:

SSAS: Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0×80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))

I got this error when trying to browse a cube. This happen once I installed MS SQL SP 2. From what i found, most likely the OWC component installation became corrupted. To solve this, just install OWC again. This works for me.

OWC installer.