Reporting Services Navigation – Jump to URL error

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I come across some problems in Reporting Services 2005 in SharePoint integration mode when using Navigation – Jump to URL. Here are some strange behaviors on the problem:

1. The link won’t work if you link to a page/item inside a SharePoint List.

2. The link is OK if you link to invalid page/item in a SharePoint List (invalid item name but valid path)

3. The link is OK if you link to other site like or

I tried googling around but can’t find any solid solution. But I found out that we can use JavaScript as a workaround to solve this issue. Replace your Jump to URL format from:

= “http://servername/sitename/documentlist/pagename.aspx”


= “javascript:window.location.href= ‘http://servername/sitename/documentlist/pagename.aspx ‘;”

It works for me!

P/s: Does anybody know where to find the restriction rules for error “Other restrictions apply. (rsInvalidItemPath)” in order to construct a valid URL path for reporting services?