Send notification when someone approve/reject an approval workflow

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Is there any form of notification being sent to the submitter of the page?
Yes, default approval workflow does have the following email notification

  1. Requesting approval email notification
  2. Email notification to contributor regarding approved / rejected pages from the approval.

Here are the steps:

  1. Outgoing email settings must be configured at the Central Admin à Operations. Without this, there won’t be any option to send notification email in the list setting.
  2. User profile must be configured and imported, with user email information included.
  3. Please create a new Task list when using default approval workflow, using existing “Workflow Task” list, email notification will not be send out.  If you are using existing workflow task list, on this list setting >  advanced setting > Send e-mail when ownership is assigned ? change it to NO and wait for 5 minutes then change it back to YES then you will be able to see those email notification. The other alternative is DO NOT USE the default “Workflow Tasks”, create a new “Tasks” list

*Special thanks to RC, Abi, SC and LJ.

MOSS People Picker cannot search AD users from other domains

This post is contributed by my colleague, Abi. I would like to share out here since it is very usefully.

If you have MOSS users in different AD domains, and for dunno wat reason you can’t seem to search these users in the MOSS’s PeoplePicker, run a stsadm command to add the information about the those domains where the user is located.

In summary:
“We went to SSP and clicked on User Profiles and Properties under the “User Profiles and My Sites” section and then clicked on View Import Connections and then added to the Import Connections list and I started a full import. It completed in about an hour and imported users from the domain1 domain.

The problem we run into is that when I go to add them to a site to give them access, we are unable to find the users by using People Picker. We only find users from the domain0 domain which the moss server is on. ”

I found out that by default People Picker can only find people in the resource domain – the domain that MOSS servers are in. For other domains/forests, you’ll need to run the following command:

Stsadm.exe –o setproperty –pn peoplepicker-searchadforests –pv <list of forests or domains> -url <webapp>

Official MS site:

Some examples:

How to grant another user to manage MOSS SSP

This post let you add another user to manage SharePoint SharedServices (SSP).

* Thanks to Abi for her sharing on this post.

Adobe PDF IFilter for SharePoint Indexing and Searching

First, there is a long post describe how to setup this features.

Here are some steps need to be aware of:

  • To have PDF icon in the doc lib, you still need to manually copy and paste the pdf icon image into the TEMPLATE > IMAGES folder, and map the image file with the file type in the DOCICON.XML file (in TEMPLATE > XML folder).
  • To crawl contents of PDF files, we need to install Adobe PDF IFilter 6.0 (download free).
  • Add new file type (.pdf) in your search setting. The settings is under central admin > Shared Service Administration > Search Settings > File Types

A field that lookup from SharePoint list

A feature that enable a field to pick a value from a SharePoint list, made available at CodePlex: I get this from my colleague, S.C. I would like to share out here and take it as my own bookmark as well.

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