An error occurred during printing. (0x8007F303) – MS Reporting Services

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Yes, it’s another bug in SSRS. One of my colleagues building a MOSS portal that integrated with SSRS. We are facing a problem when user clicks on print from ‘Action’ button. The first dialog prompted to choose the printer but when press print, the following error message pop up indicate “An error occurred during printing. (0x8007F303)”. If click preview button rather than print, a preview of blank report with the words: “An error occurred trying to render the report (0x8007f303)”. Guess what is the problem???

After hours of searching, debugging and googling, he manage to find out the root cause. This is because we did some customization on the reporting services web.config file. We remove the export “tif” file type in the reporting services web.config file. We do know why this little change is causing the big problem during printing.  Hope this helps!

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  1. Sergey Says:

    The client active-x control is corrupted. To Fix this
    IE -> Tools -> InternetOption -> Settings -> View Objects -> Remove RS
    Client Print object or do the update. Now click the icon from the report .
    The Active-x control will be downloaded to install again freshly to get

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