SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 report parameter auto Postback Issue!

I am sure some of you might experience the annoying auto postback on SSRS report parameters. It will postback every time you change the value of the parameter even there do not have any dependencies at all. I am having this problem for several reports with quite a number of parameters. I tried googling but doesn’t help much. After some try and error, I manage to fix some of it (not 100%). This is cause by how we input the default value on the report parameters and dataset parameters. For example, you need to set the default value “100” to a parameter. Some of you might put in “=100”. Try to change it to “100” without the “=” sign. This stupid “=” sign is causing my report to keep on post back for every change. You might need to apply the same rules at your dataset parameters. I am not sure it is 100% works but at least it solves most of my reports. Hope this can help! Do let me know if you got better solution!

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  1. F. Bello Says:

    Have you learned anything else about this since you posted? I tried to follow your suggestion and seems to work, but fields like date which default to =Today you cannot take the = out. And they autopostback. Also dropdowns that query another dataset, they dont have a default value but always autopostback as well. Let me know if by any chance there is further information anyone may have on this.? Thanks

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