ProClarity Web Standard issues with perspective map view and decomposition tree view

When a security role (incorporate with SSAS cube security) is created to enable a specific user to view limited dimension member data, the publish page/report view in Web Standard is automatically disabled with the following message:

This page is not available now. Please choose another page.
It is base on a member that has changed or is available.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

I am using “AdventureWorksBI.msi” from

1. Create an administrator role and assign a user A into it

2. Create an Australia role and assign user B into it

3. Set Dimension Data security for Geography.Country to Australia only.

4. In ProClarity Desktop Professional, a Decomposition Tree chart as below:

6. Publish this book to PAS. Login using Australia Role member – User B to view the report in web standard. The following error will occur.

7. Login using Administrator Role member – User A to view the report in web standard. It works fine!

It seems like a product limitation. We raise this issue to Microsoft support and these is what we get:

This is by design.. whenever a dimension or dimension member is explicitly present in a view, and then that item is missing due to security or because it was renamed/deleted, ProClarity will launch the missing data wizard
The best thing to do is create sets that use dynamic MDX so that specific members are not missing when the view is loaded… an example would be, referring to the screenshots… MDX = All Customers.United.Kingdom, All Customers.Australia, All Customers.Germany… instead of listing each member, do instead All Customers.children

Basically the MDW will fire whenever a dimension, hierarchy, or specific item is missing or renamed… this can be anywhere in the cube itself or explicitly in the MDX for the view because, when you use dimension security, the restricted items are completely invisible whereas cell security… the items are visible there’s just no data there
Sets can be defined in the cube or in ProClarity and shared between multiple views… then the one set can be updated and all views that use that set will be updated.

The MDX solution only applies to 2 level drill down. If we have more than 2 level drill down, we still have to fixed the member. I.e. All Customer -> Australia – >Sydney (State). In this case, you still have to use the AllCustomer.Australia.
As discussed this workaround won’t help because we let those power business user to generate their own chart and publish to web standard. They can’t write any MDX to generate those charts.
In this case, you agreed to suggest to business user not to create those chart for web standard.

We agreed that I will archive the case and close it as NOT RESOLVED.

In short, it is not supported in web standard for this case. This also apply to Perspective map view.


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