Excel 2007 VS ProClarity, Excel 2010?

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We often received question from our client about ProClarity and excel 2007. “What are the differences between ProClarity and excel 2007?” In business point of view, it seems there is not much difference. User still can create data grid report, charts, pivot table and etc… In fact, these 2 pieces is totally 2 different monsters. ProClarity is more for data analysis and excel for more for reporting purpose. The complexity to accomplish the same task might be different too. ProClarity can let you create report/chart faster than excel provide all the necessary cube/data source setup correctly. In term of formatting a reports/charts, excel definitely is more customizable. Here are a good blog describing the comparison.


On Excel 2010, the boundaries between these 2 products are no longer as it is. Microsoft put in a lot BI capabilities in to excel 2010 (such as Decomposition Tree). Furthermore, it seems there is no much info on proClarity roadmap. It might stop the new release on ProClarity and move users towards excel 2010.

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