Business Intelligence capabilities in SharePoint 2010

Here is a good picture showing all Business Intelligence capabilities in SharePoint 2010. It explains the area of BI, SharePoint BI services such as Excel & PowerPivot, Excel Services, Visio Services, Performance Point Services, Reporting Services and Report Builder. IT also layout application services architecture and type of data sources supported for each services.

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

Feel free to download it here:


PerformancePoint Server to be merged into next SharePoint version.

I noticed from my colleague that “PerformancePoint Server 2007 will no longer be a standalone item on the Microsoft price list as of April 1, 2009. Microsoft will release PerformancePoint Server 2007 “Service Pack 3” which will include updates to the current product’s Planning module in mid-2009. This will be the final release of the product and the final release of the Planning component. This release will contain many key feature and functionality enhancements that our customers and partners have requested.”

The functionalities of PerformancePoint Monitoring & Analytics with all scorecard, dashboard, and analytical capabilities will move from PerformancePoint Server into next SharePoint Server Enterprise version.

As a result, end user can save cost without need to purchase additional PPS server license. PerformancePoint Monitoring & Analytics modules are very powerful tools which allow user to easily analyst and monitor their business performance. I believe SharePoint Server will become a popular product very soon.

MOSS DCom Error 8007013d

Do you ever get DCom Error like below when accessing MOSS?

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx} failed due to the following error: 8007013d

One of my colleague (LJ) having this error in their project. After struggling for few days he manages to find for the solution. It seems like one of the permission for the registry is not given enough access. After adding “Everyone” in the permission for the registry (by default Everyone is given rights to access that reg key), IISRESET and the portal is back to normal.

An error occurred during printing. (0x8007F303) – MS Reporting Services

Yes, it’s another bug in SSRS. One of my colleagues building a MOSS portal that integrated with SSRS. We are facing a problem when user clicks on print from ‘Action’ button. The first dialog prompted to choose the printer but when press print, the following error message pop up indicate “An error occurred during printing. (0x8007F303)”. If click preview button rather than print, a preview of blank report with the words: “An error occurred trying to render the report (0x8007f303)”. Guess what is the problem???

After hours of searching, debugging and googling, he manage to find out the root cause. This is because we did some customization on the reporting services web.config file. We remove the export “tif” file type in the reporting services web.config file. We do know why this little change is causing the big problem during printing.  Hope this helps!

Web part updatepanel not working in publishing portal – ASP.NET AJAX and SharePoint

Today, I manage to solve this problem after spending hours of googling. During the integration between ASP.NET AJAX and SharePoint, you might found that AJAX does not working in certain type of SharePoint site template.

First, AJAX does not work in publishing site without doing some modification on the master page. It works in other site template such team site. The problem is that, the webpart manager TAG inside the master page“<WebPartPages:SPWebPartManager runat=”server”/>” has been placed before the Form Tag. To resolve this issue, just cut it and paste after the Form Tag as below

Original Code
<body class=”body” onload=”_spBodyOnLoadWrapper();”>
<WebPartPages:SPWebPartManager runat=”server”/>
<form runat=”server” onsubmit=”return _spFormOnSubmitWrapper();”>

Resolved Code
<body class=”body” onload=”javascript:if (typeof(_spBodyOnLoadWrapper) != ‘undefined’) _spBodyOnLoadWrapper();”>
<form runat=”server” onsubmit=”return _spFormOnSubmitWrapper();”>
<asp:ScriptManager runat=”server” ID=”ScriptManager1″></asp:ScriptManager>
<WebPartPages:SPWebPartManager runat=”server”/>


* You might found the similar solution in other place. I do a summary and make it easier to search by users with the correct keywords.

403 Forbidden when access SharePoint portal site

After we ran a content deployment job we seem to have this recurring issue where hitting the SharePoint site when one is unauthorized gives the generic 403 Forbidden message. So we found ourselves having to authenticate first (by visiting a backend list or manually going to the _layouts/authenticate.aspx page to bring up the popup to get the credentials…

We don’t know why the site would not ask me to log in to begin with; instead it goes right to the 403 error…

We added read access to the application pool user on the Inetpub directory to solve this issue. This may have been lost on content deployment or some other way. However it seems to have been the root of the issue all along.

* Thanks to Alexander who share out this issue.

Redirecting User on ItemAdding in SharePoint EventHanlders

Here is an issue from my colleague.

The problem

We got a custom list for which handling ItemAdding Event, in the ItemAdding Event (We are creating a site). We are trying to redirect user to a custom site page, the redirection works fine but the item doesn’t gets added to the list at the same time the site gets created.  On ItemAdded, we are trying the redirection code but HttpContext is null

The Solution

The reason why our item isn’t added is when its redirect, the current thread is aborted and the item is never added to the list. We will have to manually add the item.
HttpContext is null in the ItemAdded because this event is asynchronous – The HttpContext is only available within the constructor when a synchronous event is fired.

The following article explains the same problem and provides a details solution:

* Thanks to Elin and Akhilesh!

Central Administration is not working- Error File Not Found

Central Administration is not working. When I access central administration, I received the “File Not Found. Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.”  message after I entered my credentials.
Checked the IIS, and the Application Pools for Central Administration as well Central Administration were started. Everything looks fine.  The content web site is working fine. Only the central administration is down.

From what I get from my colleague, in a lot of cases, the easiest way to resolve this issue is to reprovision CA. In other words, unprovision the CA using the config wizard or psconfig.exe and the reprovision it again using the same tools. (This is not the same as disconnect from the farm and if done correctly, will not affect the production of the regular sites).

* This issue happened on one of my colleague and thanks to Jukka who provide this solution.

Single Sign-on in MOSS 2007 errors.

Simple error when trying to setup single sign on in Sharepoint 2007. Error: 

  • User … failed to configure the single sign-on server. The error returned was 0×80630005. Verify this account has sufficient permissions and try again.
  • You do not have the rights to perform this operation
  • Please make sure you login as MS Single sign-on service account to configure it. Do check out here for more.