Error the ‘Time’ dimension was not generated because it is bound to a time binding.

If you come across the error “the ‘time’ dimension was not generated because it is bound to a time binding.” during creating a time dimension in SSAS 2008. Here is the solution:

1. Follow the normal step to create a time dimension in Analysis Services Project.

2. Proceed to configure the time dimension.

3. On the last screen of the wizard, make sure you check the generate schema. This step will immediately create the table in your database.

4. Go through “Generate Relational Schema..” on the context menu of the project will give you error as above.

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Business Intelligence capabilities in SharePoint 2010

Here is a good picture showing all Business Intelligence capabilities in SharePoint 2010. It explains the area of BI, SharePoint BI services such as Excel & PowerPivot, Excel Services, Visio Services, Performance Point Services, Reporting Services and Report Builder. IT also layout application services architecture and type of data sources supported for each services.

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010

Feel free to download it here:


ProClarity Web Standard issues with perspective map view and decomposition tree view

When a security role (incorporate with SSAS cube security) is created to enable a specific user to view limited dimension member data, the publish page/report view in Web Standard is automatically disabled with the following message:

This page is not available now. Please choose another page.
It is base on a member that has changed or is available.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

I am using “AdventureWorksBI.msi” from

1. Create an administrator role and assign a user A into it

2. Create an Australia role and assign user B into it

3. Set Dimension Data security for Geography.Country to Australia only.

4. In ProClarity Desktop Professional, a Decomposition Tree chart as below:

6. Publish this book to PAS. Login using Australia Role member – User B to view the report in web standard. The following error will occur.

7. Login using Administrator Role member – User A to view the report in web standard. It works fine!

It seems like a product limitation. We raise this issue to Microsoft support and these is what we get:

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Last mile of Business Intelligence

Here is an interesting article, “Last mile of Business Inttelligence”. You may face the same problem in the BI world these days.

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BSM 2005 defaultmember in MS OLAP Cube

I am having  difficulties to set the dynamic defaultmember for a dimension. Eg. I got a time dimension which use in BSM. I want it to always get today’s date as the dimension member so that i can get the MTD data from my cube. But some how it didnt works. I did try on vba!date() function as found in google as well but no help. The BSM time intelligence member only work and display data if i hard code the defaultmember in cube. Setting manually time dimension in BSM also no help. Does anybody facing this problem before? Will appreciate if can point out the tricks…. =)

SSAS: Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0×80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))

I got this error when trying to browse a cube. This happen once I installed MS SQL SP 2. From what i found, most likely the OWC component installation became corrupted. To solve this, just install OWC again. This works for me.

OWC installer.

“Unexpected Error occured” viewing calculations tab for SSAS project

The following error text occur in the rigth pane:

Unexpected error occured: ‘Error in application.’

When trying to view the calculations tab (of any cube, including the samples that comes with SQL Server 2005) in Visual Studio (BI Development Studio) . This may cause by different versions of msmdlocal.dll and msmgdsrv.dll in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ and %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\System\Ole DB\

If they are not the same, then try to update the ones in the PrivateAssemblies with the ones from ole db (Please backup the dlls just case…)