Change OsCommerce category to Tree View

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First, I am new to OsCommerce and php programming (yes, a MS guy here). Recently, I am helping my friend to setup a web store using OsCommerce.  Frankly, OsCommerce is a well-known open source web store. I don’t think I need to talk much here. When come to customization, I come across one requirement; change left category to a TreeView. I try to search on google but found nothing. But some post did mentioned OsCommerce itself already support treeview structure. We just need to change categories.php in “os\catalog\includes\boxes” to make it look like a treeview. Here is the outcome after some customization.

How to change it?

1.    Download this source (zip) file and upload “treeview” folder into “os\catalog\images” folder.
2.    Upload “categories.php” to replace the file in “os\catalog\includes\boxes”.

Hope this can benefit to anyone who need this features. Do let me know it got any bugs!

My new tech blog,

Welcome to! This is the new blog for me to share out my tips. Some of the archives articles are move from yyTech blog ( I will continue to share out my experience in SharePoint, .Net, SQL, MS BI, Gadgets and Collaboration. Happy reading!

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More posts from our SharePoint team…

I am currently working in a consultant company offers MS solution in my home country. We split in to several groups base on our skills and experience. Each of the group will focus on certain technology such as MS CRM, Axapta, Business Intelligence, SharePoint, .net development and etc. I am in the SharePoint and .net development team. Recently, I got chance to work in MS Business intelligence like SSAS, SSRS, BSM and the latest MS Performance Point Server 2007. Hence, I seldom post much articles on SharePoint. However, I got some colleagues actively working in SharePoint and always share their problem and solution among our team. So, I plan to put these useful posts in to this blog as well. Just to share out and for my own reference too. Check out the posts soon!

* Special thanks to SC, Abi, LJ and RC who share out their problem and solution. I will put in their full name if they agree to do so :P

How to solve slow reponse with ASP.NET AJAX in IE 6?

As mentioned in my previous articles (ASP.NET AJAX very slow in IE 6), the problem come from IE 6 it self response slow in managing AJAX big resource file such javascript and DOM object. Here are some steps can be done to solve it:

  1. Put your apps in to better perfomance server with greater bandwidth.
  2. Apply IIS compression to imporove the loading time.
  3. Try to minimize the usage of AJAX Update panel in your apps. Do use web services rather than update panel (I know this is not 5 mins work, but this is the root of the problem).
  4. Do not use IE 6. Use IE 7 or FireFox instead (if the steps above do not help :P

Please do let me know if anyone have better solution!

Response.WriteFile/TransmitFile fails when compress dynamic files turn on inIIS with SSL

I come across error file not available when download file via response.writefile or transmitfile in This error only happenned when you  site on SSL. IIS 6 compression help me speed up all my applications. But the problem occur when some of my aspx page using response.writefile to download file. I get error file not found.

So I have to turn off the specific aspx page do not use IIS compression in order to make my download works.  To configure that, it take me days to find out the solution. You can buy some 3rd party product to configure that. But that will not cheap. Here are the free ways to do it :)

1. First, to create a node for the page in the metabase in IIS manager. Right click on the file and go to properties. Make a change of some sort, apply, then change it back. Do an IISReset. This will create a IISWebFile node in MetaBase.xml

2. Try on this command “cscript C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts\adsutil.vbs set W3SVC/{siteID}/Root/{subfolder}/{page.aspx}/DoDynamicCompression False”

SiteID is a number represent your web application.

3. If you get error running this command, try to open MetaBase.xml and search the IISWebFile tag which represent “{subfolder}/{page.aspx}”. Then add in:


Then, do an IISReset.

That’s all folks. Hope can help someone having the same problem

ASP.NET AJAX very slow in IE 6

I built some web applications with ASP.NET ajax framework using few update panel. The response time in IE 6 was very slow. You do not know this problem while you access it in you local host. Once you put it to production or live hosting, its really slow like turtle. IE 7 will be much better, so far it seems 2x faster than IE6. Firefox is the best among these browser. It work extremely fast and estimated 4-5x faster than IE 6. This is a known issue exist within IE6 and ajax update panel. There is a need to fix this issue. But it seems not a 5 mins works. I may need to do a major change on my existing application… too bad..

New blog for AjaxWorkspace

I  had move some of the ajaxworkspace articles to This ease for navigation and centralize all the resources regarding AjaxWorkspace in one site. Do check out the ajaxworkspace updates on our new blog!

UI in AjaxWorkspace version 0.9.8

I have been busy for past few weeks with my works. Therefore, do not much time to update here. However, I manage to finish some improvements on 0.9.8. Here are some of them:

1. New UI design and able to switch from grid view and item view in project Discussion, Task, File Sharing and Documents.

Discussion View

Grid View
Grid View

Item View
Item View

2. Able to upload company logo and member’s photo.

Upload Logo

3. Display scorecard for each project to indicate project status.

Project Scorecard

We are planning to finalize the release version before August 2007 to public users. It is free until future notice. Hopefully it will benefit to people who need online collaboration tools!

Updates on AJAXWorkspace 0.9.5

Recently, I had release beta version 0.9.5.  I had fixed quite number of bugs in various modules cause by MS ASP.NET AJAX Jan CTP (MS ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 valiVator issues). This is only a temporary work around.  Hopefully, it will be solved once my hosting company ready to patch the HotFix. Besides, I also add in workspace and project statistic section which I think is a “nice to have” features.

Workspace Statistic

AjaxWorkspace Statistic

Project Statistic

AjaxWorkspace Project Statistic

Task Management in Ajax Workspace Collaboration

I believe task management play a very important role in project management and online collaboration. Task management can be very simple such as your personal task which reminds you do something. It also can be very complex which involves multiple parties, getting approval from someone, running parallel, etc. Each type of task management is targeting to different type of user group. Hence, the task management under (which explained in online collaboration for teamwork and project management) is targeting to intermediate user such as freelancer and small-midsized project.

Task management allows user organize task including simple task, checked task and approval task among your team members by project or organization. Here the details:

Simple Task
Simple task is selected when creator does not need to verify the task’s result. E.g. task remind someone to read a proposal.


  • Simple task involved 2 processes- Create, Realize.
  • Create – Task create by someone
  • Realize – Responsible user does and realizes a task.

Checked Task
Checked task is selected when creator or someone need to verify the task’s result. E.g. task request someone to complete a presentation document. Once completed, the task will route back to person who process for verification.


  • Checked task involved 3 processes – Create, Realize, Process
  • Create – Task create by someone
  • Realize – Responsible user does and realizes a task.
  • Process – Responsible user checks and verifies all the requests in this task are done correctly.

Approval Task
Approval task is selected when the task need approval before it can be start. Someone also needs to verify the task’s result at the end. E.g. task request someone to update a new sales quotation after get an approval from sales manager.


  • Approval task involved 4 processes – Create, Approve, Realize, Process
  • Create – Task create by someone
  • Approve – Responsible user approve a task before it continue to next process.
  • Realize – Responsible user does and realizes a task.
  • Process – Responsible user checks and verifies all the requests in this task are done correctly.

Each task contains different type of actions:

  • Approve - Approve task for further action. Once approved, person who responsible to realize will take over and proceed to complete the task.
  • Reject - Reject task to stop this task. Once rejected, this task will return back to task creator.
  • Realize - Realize this task when users have finish all the requests in this task.
  • Process - Process task when users have verify all the requests are done correctly.
  • Re-Submit - Re-submit a task where it rejected from approval process.
  • Remark – User may remark this task to other to request further information before complete this task. Once remarked, this task will appear in responsible user’s task list.

Anyone who interested to use this task management can go to It is free. Feel free to drop me any comment so that I can improve it!