UI in AjaxWorkspace version 0.9.8

I have been busy for past few weeks with my works. Therefore, do not much time to update here. However, I manage to finish some improvements on ajaxworkspace.com 0.9.8. Here are some of them:

1. New UI design and able to switch from grid view and item view in project Discussion, Task, File Sharing and Documents.

Discussion View

Grid View
Grid View

Item View
Item View

2. Able to upload company logo and member’s photo.

Upload Logo

3. Display scorecard for each project to indicate project status.

Project Scorecard

We are planning to finalize the release version before August 2007 to public users. It is free until future notice. Hopefully it will benefit to people who need online collaboration tools!

Updates on AJAXWorkspace 0.9.5

Recently, I had release www.ajaxworkspace.com beta version 0.9.5.  I had fixed quite number of bugs in various modules cause by MS ASP.NET AJAX Jan CTP (MS ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 valiVator issues). This is only a temporary work around.  Hopefully, it will be solved once my hosting company ready to patch the HotFix. Besides, I also add in workspace and project statistic section which I think is a “nice to have” features.

Workspace Statistic

AjaxWorkspace Statistic

Project Statistic

AjaxWorkspace Project Statistic

Task Management in Ajax Workspace Collaboration

I believe task management play a very important role in project management and online collaboration. Task management can be very simple such as your personal task which reminds you do something. It also can be very complex which involves multiple parties, getting approval from someone, running parallel, etc. Each type of task management is targeting to different type of user group. Hence, the task management under ajaxworkspace.com (which explained in online collaboration for teamwork and project management) is targeting to intermediate user such as freelancer and small-midsized project.

Task management allows user organize task including simple task, checked task and approval task among your team members by project or organization. Here the details:

Simple Task
Simple task is selected when creator does not need to verify the task’s result. E.g. task remind someone to read a proposal.


  • Simple task involved 2 processes- Create, Realize.
  • Create – Task create by someone
  • Realize – Responsible user does and realizes a task.

Checked Task
Checked task is selected when creator or someone need to verify the task’s result. E.g. task request someone to complete a presentation document. Once completed, the task will route back to person who process for verification.


  • Checked task involved 3 processes – Create, Realize, Process
  • Create – Task create by someone
  • Realize – Responsible user does and realizes a task.
  • Process – Responsible user checks and verifies all the requests in this task are done correctly.

Approval Task
Approval task is selected when the task need approval before it can be start. Someone also needs to verify the task’s result at the end. E.g. task request someone to update a new sales quotation after get an approval from sales manager.


  • Approval task involved 4 processes – Create, Approve, Realize, Process
  • Create – Task create by someone
  • Approve – Responsible user approve a task before it continue to next process.
  • Realize – Responsible user does and realizes a task.
  • Process – Responsible user checks and verifies all the requests in this task are done correctly.

Each task contains different type of actions:

  • Approve - Approve task for further action. Once approved, person who responsible to realize will take over and proceed to complete the task.
  • Reject - Reject task to stop this task. Once rejected, this task will return back to task creator.
  • Realize - Realize this task when users have finish all the requests in this task.
  • Process - Process task when users have verify all the requests are done correctly.
  • Re-Submit - Re-submit a task where it rejected from approval process.
  • Remark – User may remark this task to other to request further information before complete this task. Once remarked, this task will appear in responsible user’s task list.

Anyone who interested to use this task management can go to www.ajaxworkspace.com. It is free. Feel free to drop me any comment so that I can improve it!

Online collaboration for teamwork and project management

I got chance to work in different type of companies in my working life. Basically it can be categorized in to 2 types; either project base or product base. However, I found that most of the project or product development is not being managed well. You can see someone is doing nothing all the time and someone is busy like hell. Manager or top management never knows exactly what the progress is. We do not really have a system to manage, assign task to worker, and keep track the progress of each individual’s task. We always end up with sending, replying email in order to communicate, and sharing files among team members. It was really a terrible experience.

Online collaboration workspace for teamwork and project managementI had spent some of my free time to develop an online collaboration solution for teamwork and project management, ajaxworkspace.com. I know this cannot compare with other professional collaboration tools like groove or SharePoint since this only develop by me alone. However, I hope I can improve it to become better and better. Hopefully, it can be use by SOHO user, freelancer and small-mid size company. Here are some of the product features I get from ajaxworkspace.com

AJAX workspace offers a secure Web-based workplace consisting of an integrated suite of simple and easy to use collaboration application. You can efficiently organize yourself, manage projects and work with your entire enterprise, colleagues and team member from one central location. The ideal tool for any type of project management regardless if you are working in a company or if you are working as freelancer from home.

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