Maybank2u (M2U): All-New, All-You, All-Disappointments!

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Our country biggest bank launched their new web 2.0 internet banking portal yesterday (16 Oct 2008).

“With the all-new, all-you M2U 2.0, Maybank now has an internet banking portal built using modern code on a next-generation platform. The chosen platform is scalable and opens the door for Web 2.0 style features to be implemented on the portal. Armed with a new mindset, modern website templates, content management platform and streamlined internal processes, M2U 2.0 now paves the way for richer interactive content, online support and even mobile banking in the future.”

I tried the new portal to manage my daily banking transactions. All-New, All-You but All-Disappointment! I am very disappointed with their new portal. Here are some in my experiences and questions in my mind:

  1. Do they do any performance testing? Every click takes 5-10 minutes. Then, connection time out or you will get “System Busy” error.
  2. Tones of errors with the new portal. Here are the few common errors happened.
    • Session expired after 5 minute even though you continuously hitting the portal.
    • Try to do interbank fund transfer and you might get rejected code XXXXX
    • You can easily get “Our service is currently unavailable” when clicking around the portal such as checking account balance.
  3. I guess there might be many people complaint on the new portal. So, they reopen the old maybank2u portal during the transition period today. Again, it is slow, session expired error still happened. Somehow the integration got some problem. You will get a weird screen which consists of new and old portal.
  4. Do you think the new portal become more user friendly? The old portal have clear navigation link on the left hand side. With the new portal main navigation link move to top side and its sub navigation link on the left hand side. This means that we need to have more clicks in order to reach our targeted page.

Lastly, how can all these happen to an internet banking portal? Internet banking portal is all about money transactions. With all these problems, someone maybe not able to transfer their money on time, pay their bill on time and etc. I don’t think I need a very fancy portal with very nice web 2.0 features, interactive contents and AJAX features. Adding all these features become a burden to it system architecture and performance. This is not a social network portal. All I want is get my thing done fast with simple and direct user-interface!

* I hope this is not out of topic from my blog. But, I think there are some problems on the entire project implementations. No proper testing, wrong user requirements, inappropriate go live planning…what’s a shame on M2U.

Google Chrome – Good for user but not developer?

Google launch its new Web Browser – Chrome today. Check out here:

I just curious do we need another new browser beside MS Internet explorer and Mozilla FireFox? Personally, I think the current browsers already full-fill what I need. As a web developer, we need to build our web application to support these 2 major browsers. Now, Google launch another new browser, Chrome. Although, they complied w3c and other web standards, but it always got minor differences in UI rendering. This means that we need to put in extra efforts to support another new browser. I guess it should be good news to user but more efforts for us.

Change OsCommerce category to Tree View

First, I am new to OsCommerce and php programming (yes, a MS guy here). Recently, I am helping my friend to setup a web store using OsCommerce.  Frankly, OsCommerce is a well-known open source web store. I don’t think I need to talk much here. When come to customization, I come across one requirement; change left category to a TreeView. I try to search on google but found nothing. But some post did mentioned OsCommerce itself already support treeview structure. We just need to change categories.php in “os\catalog\includes\boxes” to make it look like a treeview. Here is the outcome after some customization.

How to change it?

1.    Download this source (zip) file and upload “treeview” folder into “os\catalog\images” folder.
2.    Upload “categories.php” to replace the file in “os\catalog\includes\boxes”.

Hope this can benefit to anyone who need this features. Do let me know it got any bugs!

Alarm Clock – Wake and Bacon

It is an alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell and sizzle of cooking bacon. I believe no one likes to wake up by an alarm clock. This clock gently wakes you up with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon, just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of Mom cooking breakfast. Here some snapshots from Matty Sallin. Check out more details here:

P1 WiMAX Launched in Malaysia!

Finally, P1WiMAX was launched in my home country. Checkout on their website here: First thing come to my mind is their packages and pricing. The packages price sound reasonable which offers start from RM 59 per month with 400kps (exclude modem). Compare to other ISP provider, the price is not too expensive. The promotional package offer 1.2MBps with RM 99 per month (Free modem). I think this is good deal while the speed and technology here is still fall behind compare to other countries.

The next thing is the coverage. I spent 20 mins to check out the coverage area at their website but can’t find anything. There are broken link on the coverage page. Then, I browse through their company website and found the link here: Frankly, I think this page is not user-friendly at all. Try to search on location and road name; you always get record not found. You need to enter properly keyword into their respective field. Try to browse and zoom into their map; it zoom in into very detail map. It is difficult for us to pan and view other location. I just do a quick look on the coverage area, not all places are covered. Even in KLCC area, you will see a lot of blank spot not covered. Eg. Wisma Hong Leong, Shangri-la hotel and etc.

Personally, I don’t it is a good time to get it now since it is still new and not many places are covered. Anyway, this is a good start. Hopefully, it will bring more pressures to other ISP providers to improve their services and offer lower cost to consumer!

My new tech blog,

Welcome to! This is the new blog for me to share out my tips. Some of the archives articles are move from yyTech blog ( I will continue to share out my experience in SharePoint, .Net, SQL, MS BI, Gadgets and Collaboration. Happy reading!

Bronios main logo

MSN Messenger (Key port – 80048820 error)

Recently, I got problem sign in to msn messenger (Key port -80048820 error), website and the internet speed is not stable on certain website. I am not sure what was going on to my ISP provider (StreamyX). It works fine previously. I got no problem accessing it in my working place. I got some friends staying nearby also having this problem.  After debugging with some try & error methods, I manage to solve this problem. This case may not apply to everyone depends on the network setting. For my case, I got an ADSL modem (with router) and D-Link Dir300 Wireless Access Point. Here are the steps:

  • First I try to change the MTU setting from 1500 to 1362. Log in to D-Link administration system, click on Internet Setup, manual Internet connection setup, and change MTU setting under “Dynamic IP (DHCP) Internet Connection Type”. Then, restart your router, modem and PC. (It works for me for one night. After that, I try to use it on the next day, it give me the same error again).
  • Second method, log in to D-Link administration system, click on Internet Setup, manual Internet connection setup and checked Access Point Mode. Restart your router, modem and PC. (Note, this will change your device to Access Point Mode and disable NAT mode – Get DHCP IP from your modem router.)

I hope these tips can give some hints to those who are having the same problem. It works for me! Good luck.

Charter Member for SharePoint Server: Application Development

I received a certificate stated “Charter Member” for a beta exam I passed early this year. It looks cool. But I have no idea what is that means? Anyway, more (certificates) better than less :)

Compress VPC image size

Just to log down here is a good reference to teach you how to compact VPC image’s size

IE 6 support Windows NT 4?

Yes. If you are looking for the installer. Get it here

Please take note that IE6 require Windows NT 4.0 with the high encryption version of Service Pack 6a and higher: